Lyrical Thoughts

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Okay, I’ll admit it… I’ve a passion for rhyming verse.  There is just something about the symmetry that appeals.  Don’t judge me too harshly, it’s a sickness.  Maybe I need to check myself into poetry rehab.  :~)



Forever in His Eyes


His lips spill such pretty lies

About my hair, my face, my eyes

My body that’s a wonderland

With kisses, moans, caresses, sighs


Sweet words fall like night dark drops

Bittersweet dark and fine

I taste his lips and drink them in

Get drunk on them like wine


Wishes twinkle in my head

His sighing words ring true

But day’s bright doubts I find instead

Dilutes that heady brew


Nose too long and face too wide

Dull December eyes

Waist too thick and cottage cheese

Collecting in my thighs


Night’s sweet lies are soon revealed

By dawn’s strawberry skies

Instead I see, incredulous,

His honest, love blind eyes


Real love has gilded his embrace

And to my sweet surprise

I find within his raptured gaze

Forever in his eyes



The Tragic Fool


Better dead than old

Laughing, he mashed the gas

Swerved too late – He got his wish

Casket black and gold






Candles on the cake

Gaily dance and shake

The shadows on the walls

Another birthday falls.



Teenage Son or Vampire?


New day, go away

I don’t want to get up today

I’ll stay in bed

Hide instead

Pull the covers

Over my head

When night comes on

My blood will rise

Scales fall from

My bloodshot eyes

Spirit reborn

I’ll haunt the dark earth

While slaves to the sun

Snore in bed or berth

Freedom is mine

For a short time

I’ll be shackled again

When the sun starts to shine

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