Lady Hawk in the Snow

February 8, 2014 at 6:57 pm (Equine Photography, Leah McDaniel Photography, Oregon, Photography) (, , , , , , )

No still life today, folks. Sorry about that. Mother Nature needed seeing to in the way of digging the cars out, plowing the driveway and shoveling a spot for my dogs to get out and do their doggy business. I guess it is pretty hard to squat when you are afraid you might get lost in that snow!

Instead, today’s image is of one of my horses, Lady Hawk. She is standing under the trees, where the snow isn’t quite as deep. You can see that she is wearing a fly mask. Not because we have even a hint of a fly in the winter, but because she has a congenital deformity in both eyes, called bilateral iris coloboma. Basically, she has two large pupils in each eye, which you can imagine lets in a lot of lights. So, when it snows like this and paints everything a reflective white, she goes blind. The fly mask is her sunglasses on a snowy winter day.



If you are in winter’s grip like we are here in Central Oregon, hang in there and think warm thoughts!


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