Last Mini Pet Mart Shoot of the Summer 2011

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Kind of last-minute notice here, but for those interested, your last chance for high quality, low-priced pet portraits is upon you.  I will be shooting at the Mini Pet Mart in Bend tomorrow, Sunday, July 24th 2011 from 1 to 5 pm.  The dog days of August will slide by into Autumn before I return.  (I am doing something else, something special, but I will spill those details in a later post.)

As I have neglected posting some of the recent portrait work in this blog lately, I thought I would include a few for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Hogan - An Adorable Newfoundland with Soulful Eyes

Hogan Again. What a Sweetie!Buddy II and Gus - New Best Pals

Buddy II and Gus - New Best Pals

Buddy II on the left – 10 month old Doxie Gus on the right – 10-year-Doxie

Rhodesian Ridgeback

At only 4-years old he is completely blind due to a congenital condition.  Still, he handled all the strange smells and sounds of a photo shoot very well. Yesterday I photographed a very sweet congenitally deaf Maltese. A former show dog, in fact. She is quite a princess and a joy to photograph. Sorry I can’t post those images quite yet as I haven’t finished the editing. I will save those for a future post.

I’ve had other subjects in my lens besides dogs, and here are a few shots to tickle your fancy.



Family Groups


A Beautiful Bride


A Best-Man and Bridgegroom


The Lucky Man

 Give me a call or shoot me an email (or text) for all of your photographic needs.

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