Has Spring Sprung?

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When I moved to Central Oregon 17 years ago, the locals told me that there is the potential for snow to fall on any day of the year.  In fact, several old-timers reminisced about that 4th of July snowstorm in nineteen something or other.  I kind of swallowed those tales the way one does when a rickety relative brags about walking 10 miles to school in their youth, uphill (both ways) in hip-high snow or driving rain.  You smile and nod at the hyperbole while trying to extricate yourself politely from the conversation with internal “whatevers” bouncing around in your brain.

Seventeen years in Central Oregon, and the weather is different every single year, but I haven’t yet seen it snow on the 4th of July.  Yet.  I wouldn’t be surprised though, if I see it this year.

Spring is here.  I know it is.  My almanac says so.  The local weatherman says so.  The calendar says so.  Yet Spring herself won’t admit it.  I am getting kind of tired of waking up to Winter bullying Spring aside with scenes like this:

The local weatherman said of the scene above, "Boy did my jaw drop when I looked out my window this morning." He had predicted clear skies and temperate weather (for a Central Oregon Spring).

While running errands today, we suffered through high, violent winds, rain, sleet and yes, more of the darned white stuff.  *Sigh*

Last week there was one day forecast without rain, sleet and snow, and I took a day trip over to get a drink of spring, because darn it, I am parched for it!  My tulips are popping out of the ground, but it has been so cold that they are blooming down at ground level, or just below.  I always kind of looked at the blooming springtime bulbs as a reward for sticking it out through all of the ridiculous weather that Mother Nature throws at us through the dark months.  Seems she denied me this anticipated joy this spring, but no matter!  Have camera, will travel, and travel we did.

For those of you in the Oregon’s Willamette  Valley, the Tulip festival in the last part of April is a well-known celebration of spring.  I have meant to get there every year of the last 17, but something has always kept me from it.  Not this year!  Hell or high water (and high water is always a possibility this time of year in Oregon), I was going to get a gander at those blooming gems.

And I was not disappointed!  Here are a few shots from the day trip.  For those of you as beleaguered by the delay in nice weather, here you go.  Live vicariously for a moment through these shots of the prettier side of Oregon.

And though the mantra in Bend’s winter is “Pray for Snow”, let’s switch it around for a few months and pray for sun!

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields

Rows of Rainbows

Parti-Colored flower party

Oak Trees in the Spring Grass

What Spring should look like!

Oak and Tulips

Beauty in Black and White

Flower in the Field

After we finished our tulip field tour, we sampled some of Oregon’s other beauty as the sun fell behind us toward the west.

Docks at Detroit Lake

Piety Knob in Detroit Reservoir

Santiam River at Santiam Flats

Glassy Pond at Marion Forks

The Sun Kisses the Tree Tops as it Passes into Late Afternoon

Mount Washington Late in the Day

I hope you enjoyed the landscapes of Oregon in the Spring.


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