Glamour Girls

April 10, 2011 at 8:56 am (Baby Photography, Bend, Children's Photography, Leah McDaniel Photography, Oregon, Oregon Photography, Photography) (, , , , , , )

Been busy lately doing portraits of some very lovely young ladies in Central Oregon.  Here are a few fun shots for you to enjoy.

Pretty in Pink


That Mona Lisa Smile


Cute as a candy button and twice as sweet

Another cutie in pinks and roses


It's fun to be glamorous once in a while


Pretty Blue Eyes


The Barefoot Contessa


Perfect in Purple


Breaking out of the shell of shyness


As pretty as a blossom in springtime


A formal full-length


A wild-rose amongst purple blooms


Sweet and Sassy!

Two-Year Old's can be Divas too!


Cutie Patootie!

If you are looking for some fun portraits for Mother’s Day, give me a call.  I would be happy to create something fun and beautiful for you.

Portraits of Pets and People



  1. Julissa said,

    Thank you so much for coming to Ariana’s Birthday and take pictures of the girls. You made them feel like top models and they enjoyed themselves to the fullest. These are exclusive photos!!!! This celebration present us with a lot of emotion, interaction, color and energy. And we have some shots, something to remember the day with. Leah you are the best. Leah Provides the Best Approach at Kids’ Birthday Party!!!!

    • eponaleah said,

      Thank you for the opportunity, Julissa. It was a fantastic party, unlike one I have ever imagined. You have missed your calling. I know you are a talented educator, but if you wanted a change of pace, you would be a great party planner!

  2. Julissa said,

    I will like to conceive, organize, and execute special affairs such as corporate receptions, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries!!!!
    I just search a little bit about this and see what I found. Party planners need a good imagination, an eye for detail, and sound business sense. They must be both creative and organized. Good communication skills and the ability to work with all types of people are essential. Party planners should also have a working knowledge of set design and construction, interior design, costuming, floral arranging, and entertainment.

    Just let me know if you know somebody interested in this service. I think Fashionista birthday theme and Dog Birthday Party will be a hit!!! Thank you.

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