A Break in the Weather – Winter Photos of Pioneer Park

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Pioneer Park in Bend, Oregon is one of the parks pressed up against the Deschutes River.  It is one of Bend’s oldest parks and is reputed to be where the pioneers forded the river in 1851.  Bend Parks and Recreation recently renovated the park, and it now boasts a lovely paver walkway that skirts the east edge of the river, winding through Ponderosa pines and Juniper trees, affording some nice views of impressive basaltic formations.

I stopped by the other day, when the weather finally decided to give us a breather and climb above freezing for a few hours.  I thought I would take a few shots.

Paver Path through the Pines

The new brick path is an immense improvement over the bark mulch/goose poop alternative.

Ice Capped River Rocks

The First Street Rapids Dam

As you can see, the river is pretty low this time of year.

First Street Rapids Dam


River Ice

The ice has drawn back a bit, but the coming cold snap this weekend should firm things up again.

Fractured Basalt

On the left runs the river.  On my right, massive lava flows. 

Sticks and Stones

On my way home I thought I would snap a few shots of Pilot Butte.  It is interesting to see the pattern of the snow melt.  The southern face is clear of snow.  It is cold enough on the northern face for the snow to hold on.

Pilot Butte under winter skies

The clear weather was fickle.  By the time I was headed back home very little blue sky was showing.

Patch of blue sky over Pilot Butte


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