Not your Traditional Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Though Christmas was invented as a religious holiday, celebrating the birth of Christ, or Christ’s Mass, it has certainly become a secular catch-all celebration.  It doesn’t seem to bother the most religious among us that the Christian holiday was converted from a pagan one in order for the church to hold onto its converts.  The bible, after all, tells us that Christ was born in the spring, probably around April.  But those darned pagans had so much fun rejoicing in the winter soltice that they were loath to abandon their fun.  So why not?  Let’s just change the name of the holiday to keep the church’s enrollment numbers up.  But I digress…

In bountiful times Christmas is an orgy of gifts and food and drink.  In lean times, perhaps a happy excuse to visit with friends and loved ones while reminiscing about the events of the year as it winds down.   All good things, and why many of us look forward to the season.

This year was a bit different for us in this household.  The gifts, meager as they were due to the difficult economic times, were bought but not yet wrapped, and the turkey defrosted and ready in the refrigerator.  I had made the pies a day ahead to free up the oven on Christmas day for turkey roasting duty.  Everything, modest as it was this year, was set.  We were ready.  Everyone, that is, but my youngest child.

He woke up sick on Christmas eve morn.  Generally speaking he is very healthy.  He rarely gets sick, but when he does, he goes for broke.  The last time he got sick, he ended up in the hospital.  (Well, when I say the last time he was sick, I mean emergency surgery to remove his appendix.) 

I knew he wasn’t feeling well on Christmas eve.  He was running a bit of a fever and achy.  He dove straight into the flu.  But Christmas morning his flu had become serious.  Instead of opening gifts, we drove him straight to the emergency room where they took him right in.

IV fluids, IV antibiotics, a shot of dilauded and a few hours later saw us home again.  We still hadn’t opened presents.  Heck, we hadn’t even wrapped them yet.  No time to cook the turkey on Christmas day.  Or the day after Christmas.  Too busy nursing him.  Maybe turkey tomorrow. 

And yet, I can’t complain.  Both of my children are home, maybe not sound, but safe, anyway.  My husband was able to repair my truck, since it had been running poorly.  We had chili, rice, cornbread and homemade applesauce for dinner.  There was a quiet happiness in the house.  A contentment that could only be improved with a restoration of health.  I am sure that by the time his run of antibiotics is finished, he will be fully recovered and back to his quick-witted, sarcastic self.  That is the best Christmas present a mom could have.

We didn’t have a white Christmas, nor even a wet Christmas.  If Christmas had come a few days earlier it would have been magical.  Here are some images I took the Sunday night before Christmas, right after the storm.  I hope you enjoy them.

Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

Old Mill District sign on Bond Street at night.


One of the building in the "New" Old Mill District


Bend Bus Stop in the Snow


Old Mill Building at night


Macro of a chain encased in ice

May you and yours have a wonderful new year.



  1. Liana said,

    Dec 25th is just a day. Some days are worse/better than others. Magic sometimes coincides with what society has deemed a holiday, but sometimes not. Glad you were able to enjoy the quiet happiness of your day, and the confidence of future health. Best wishes in 2011.

    • eponaleah said,

      Thanks for the comment Liana. Best wishes to you as well.

  2. Anzac said,

    super information…

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