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More dogs!

I have been too busy to post lately, but I thought I would catch up with some highlights from the last several sittings.  Without furthur delay, straight to the eye candy!

Bently - English American Bulldog

Posing pretty!

A wonderful pair of wieners!

Buddy and Gus - A pair of "tweenie" Dachshunds

These two are great pals


Hazel and Tater - Can you guess which is which?

Just in case you couldn't figure it out by their names, this little doll is 4 month old Hazel.

And our favorite Saint Bernard…

Sunny is back! She is 8 months old now.

And Sunny brought some friends this time.

The more, the merrier!

This little cutie was wonderful in front of the camera, at the grand old age of 3 years!

Love the supermodel wardrobe!

Not to be left out of the fun, big brother sat for pictures with his sister.

What great kids!

Yes, I will photograph your children with or without your pets.  Just bring ’em in and ask!

Jaxon and Tilly – A black lab/blue tick hound mix and an extremely sweet schnauzer.

These two were sweet, wonderful and well behaved. What a pleasure to work with them!

Don't you just love this sweet face?

He seemed to be right at home with all these flashes and cameras and stuff.

Poncho – Super Chihuahua!

Big things come in little packages!

He's ready for anything

Especially ready for being a sweet and loving companion.

What a love bug!

From little to big…

Rogue - One Extraordinary German Shepherd!

Rogue wasn't a rogue at all, but a subdued yet very well behaved boy.

Sarah and Maggie - A fun pair of mixed breed labs

Ebony and Ivory... well not quite, but lighting was a challenge

My favorite of the series

If you would like some high quality pet portraits at a bargain basement price, come on in to the Mini Pet Mart in Bend, Oregon.  I will be shooting there on Sunday, October 17th from 1 to 5 pm.

If you miss it, make sure to try for Halloween!  I will be running a fun special for those of you embracing the spirit of the day.  Dress your pet in costume and get a FREE 4×6!

Jupiter the Fairy Princess

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.  This dog LOVES to model. 

Once in a while she can be a witch!


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