2010 Wild Trails Horse Expo

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I trotted on over to the Wild Trails Horse Expo at the Rim Rock Riders Arena at the Brasada Ranch Equestrian facility yesterday to take a few shots of horses and their riders testing their mettle on the outdoor Trail Challenge.

This is the second year I showed up to watch these talented teams tackle the trail obstacles, and this year seems to have produced a larger turnout than the last, which makes me happy.  I hope that the Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition continues to put on this show/expo.  Not just because I own a Kiger mustang myself, because although this expo features mustangs, the Trail Challenge is an all-breed event, and it attracts some really great riders (and their horses).  That, and it is just a whole kettle-full of fun to watch.

So, without further ado, I will post a bunch of shots for your viewing pleasure.  I didn’t come close to capturing every rider on Saturday, but here is a nice sampling of riders and their horses tackling some of the obstacles.  I threw in a few shots of the mounted judges as well, just because they are so fun to look at.


Tackling the water feature

For some, this water feature was not as easy as these riders made it look.


The water feature and Llama encounter judge on her handsome appy.

Another fine water crossing.

Judge with the rider as he opens the gate from horseback.

Closing the gate

Making their way over the "trail" cavelletti

Dismount on right, check tack, remount from right, all on a hillside. Judge in the foreground.

Another Haflinger crosses the water without a hitch.

Coming down the hillside

Calmly facing the log in the trail

This young horse handled each obstacle with confidence and grace

Approaching the water feature

Waiting their turn

These two make a pretty picture.

Big step off the bridge

Approaching the water

A beautiful water crossing

Preparing for the trip down

Approaching the water

Green horse, savvy rider

Getting comfortable in the water

Judging the water feature obstacle

Another judge awaiting horse and rider

More photos to come later…



  1. Elizabeth said,

    You got some great shots! I had a blast riding through the course, they did an awesome job making it fun and safe. If you have any shots of a bay mustang and a blond girl in a blue shirt I’d love to see em!

    • eponaleah said,

      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for commenting. I thought it was a great event too! The only shots of a bay mustang with a blond girl in a blue shirt are the first, fourth and sixth (I think) on this page. I only shot for a short period of time on one day, so I probably wasn’t able to photograph you. (Sorry!)

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