Supporting Equine Outreach

July 24, 2010 at 11:02 am (Horses, Pet Photography, Photography) (, , , , , )

People that know me, know that I am a horsey girl.  I have owned horses (uninterrupted) for 34 years.  Currently I have five horses adding joy to my life and manure to the alkali moon dust on my property.

Unfortunately the downturn in the economy has affected more than us 2-leggers on the planet.  Many people have had to give up their beloved pets, horses of course, included. 

Animals don’t have much say in their fate.  Domestic animals, and many wild animals, depend upon humans for their quality of life, if not their survival.  Horses, unfortunately, are large creatures with very specific and specialized needs.  Domestic horses, contrary to what many people believe, cannot simply be turned out into the wild with any expectation of survival.  We have bred those instincts out of them. 

It takes a great deal of resources to adequately feed and house a horse, with ongoing expenses of foot care, and in the case of abused or neglected horses, vet care, supplements, etc.  Though hay prices have come down over the last year, so too have income levels of the people responsible for these magnificent animals.  Rescues are over capacity, and donations are down.  If you dwell on it, things look pretty grim.

I have donated my photographic services and 1-8×10 in the form of gift certificates to Equine Outreach in Bend, Oregon.  Equine Outreach holds these certificates and will make them available to purchase for any kind-hearted soul that would be willing to purchase them from the non-profit equine rescue.  If you would like to contact Equine Outreach and purchase (make a donation) for one of these certificates, you can contact them at 541-419-4842.  I receive no proceeds from these certificates.

Benefits?  Equine Outreach will receive much-needed funds to continue their rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  You will receive a professional sitting and a beautiful 8×10 enlargement, and the satisfaction of helping a horse in need.

You may also contact me directly and I will make sure that Equine Outreach receives your payment, and that you receive some beautiful portraits.  Call or e-mail me today!

Purchase photography certificates from Equine Outreach, help a horse, and receive beautiful photographic portraits! Win, win, win!


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