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Well, I could smell it coming.  I began to grow suspicious when the link for open writing assignments mysteriously disappeared.  My Vertical Manager didn’t seem concerned though and continued to assign me writing assignments.  He should have worried.

Mahalo has redesigned their business model, at least as far as writers are concerned.  Come July 1, 2010, Mahalo will remove all of their page managers and vertical managers, and casual freelancing will become a thing of the past at Mahalo. 

What this means for the current page managers and vertical managers at Mahalo is that we will lose all of our Google AdSense revenue through Mahalo.  Luckily, the writers still own the rights to their previously published work at Mahalo, though the existing content on Mahalo is now out of reach as far as updating, etc.

I think Mahalo locked the articles down when they decided to renig… ah, err… proceed forward with their new business plan, worried that the writers would rebel and remove all of their content from Mahalo.  Yes, it did say in the old terms that the writers could remove their content.  The new terms are much different now though.  Anything you write on Mahalo becomes Mahalo’s intellectual property.  Interesting.

Don’t get me wrong… Mahalo is still hiring writers.  If you are willing and able to write 25 pages per week and update an additional 12 hours per week for $1000.00 per month, go ahead and apply.  I know that it took me longer than the suggested 1 hour per page, as I was very diligent in confirming my sources and finding accurate and reliable sources to cite (cited sources are required at Mahalo, even if you are writing from experience), so I know I would be spending much more than the minimum 37 to 40 hours per week to earn that glorious $232.00.  I also had more integrity than to simply regurgitate content already available on the Internet, which is what Mahalo encourages.  Submit pages quickly, SEO for clicks (even though it makes the page content awkward to read) and move on to the next.  I take more pride in my writing than Mahalo allows.  I hope it is not misplaced, because I do think I am a pretty good writer.

The pay wasn’t that great for writing content to begin with, but the allure was the ongoing revenue through Adsense, which they have since stripped from the writers.

Well, since I own my content, I might as well share it here.  I don’t have Google Adsense set up here, so I ain’t making’ a dime off of it, but it is good information.  I hope you can use it.

Remember, when you click on an ad on any Mahalo page, Mahalo is making the bucks (and lots of them), while the contributors that made Mahalo what it is are left out in the cold.  That would have been fine, if that had been what I signed up for, but I was clearly operating under the terms of service in place at the time.  I had expectations of making an ongoing incoming (small though it may have been) from the ongoing revenues.

What can I do but post my writing here for you to enjoy?  So get ready for some recycled writing.

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